Catrese (CAT) Davis known as Queen Diamond is the FOUNDER and CEO of a for-profit business called Le’bleu Diamond Corporation with the following DBA's Real Boss Connections and Le'bleu Diamond Cosmetics with a YOUTUBE network tv show Launch entitled Makeover Takeover L.I.F.E.
Catrese is also the FOUNDER/CEO of LWV Ladies With Vision, a non-profit organization committed to ensuring families and individuals including those with disabilities are empowered to live a stable and healthy life. The nonprofit is designed to provide donations, resources, training, job placement, workshops, events, and group talk sessions.

Prior to establishing these businesses and moving to Atlanta, Catrese was born in Newark, NJ and raised in Williamston, NC. She attended Martin Community College as she was enrolled in Cosmetology and took an effective teaching class in 1999. She worked as a Rehabilitation Specialist for Roanoke
Chowan Human Services in the Psychosocial Program for Adults with disabilities and volunteered at Tideland Mental health with children. She has worked in boys and girls group homes tutoring and forming focus sessions through group counseling. Catrese has been in the Administrative field for over 20 years and has managed many nonprofit organizations in order to complete their 501c3, create business plans, form strategic planning groups, form their corporation, promote fundraisers and acted as their community relations officer.


Catrese Davis has appeared in several films, television, and theatre productions. You may have seen her in STAR, THE RESIDENT, THE GIFTED and MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN to name just a few. Catrese Davis's ability to be an inspiring Entrepreneur and Author has been recognized by the Martin Community College Business Department and Show Your Success Organization with the great awards. Catrese Davis studied Business, Psychology, Theatre, and Religion at Liberty University, Georgia Gwinnett College, and Roanoke Chowan College. A native Newark NJ but partially raised in Williamston NC), and now lives in Atlanta GA.

I'm committed to providing:

Empowerment for your business to operate while you vacation. Generate profitable growth to prepare you for retirement. Become focused with a stable mind to live in freedom despite adversity

Catrese has an extensive background in public relations as she has collaborated with Dekalb
County Commissioner Larry Johnson, Domestic Violence Shelter for Women, SCLC to work
against sex trafficking, Veterans Helping Veterans and other agencies. She has been on the
board and/or helps establish several nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses and she is
also dedicated to the formation and growth of startup companies. Catrese has worked with
organizations managers and employees to improve operational and program effectiveness and
provided management consulting for them on structure, organization, customer satisfaction, staff
performance, and administration. She has been an advocate on policy issues in health and human
services and she has a successful track record in building collaborations and partnerships within
diverse environments, researching and writing grants.

In her spare time, she does give-back events for the youth, substitute teaching, and background
acting. She has been on the set of the following tv shows as a background and theater stage actor and doing makeup for the main actors to name a few: Star, The Resident, The Gifted, and Love, and Hip Hop. She believes if you have a Vision then it can become a Reality. Catrese is the Host for Talk Show Divas on 1061TV and streams live on Facebook, Contributing Authors of two books: Declaring To Win The Fight and Life, Love, & Lockup. Catrese has developed community Entrepreneurship, educational and leadership programs and she holds a BS in Religion and an AA in Psychology.

Le'Bleu Diamond 




CEO Lady cut to be a Diamond